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Work in Harmony with Clients to Build Long Term Relationships

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Welcome To UC Build.

Your ideal concept for any project - construction or business - is a precious one to us. We are here to give invaluable meaning to your idea and thrive your expectations into a reality. From initiating your thoughts with us to the last moment we will remain by your side to thrive in your dream. We, as separate firms, design, plan, and implement your project as you want.

Our Process


Get optimum building with advanced planning estimation


Creative and innovative solutions, just for you

Initial Design

Beautiful outcomes with balanced structural considerations

Delivery method

Collaboratively approved design process

Design finalisation

Constructability, material and other factors shall be considered for approval


Supervision, ongoing communications with client and on time and pre-approved budgets are guaranteed

Why Us


Our goal is to lead the industry in providing businesses in Australia and beyond with top-notch services. We endeavour to consistently exceed customer expectations by delivering innovative solutions, fostering strong partnerships, and maintaining a commitment to sustainability.


We aim to exceed our clients' expectations and consistently deliver exceptional results. Additionally, we are committed to continuously improving our services to adapt to the evolving needs of our clients and industry.


We represent strong moral conduct, embodied in principles of truth, honor, trust, reliability, and accountability. We prioritize open and transparent communication with our clients, ensuring that their needs and concerns are heard and addressed promptly. Furthermore, we believe in fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment, where diversity and inclusion are celebrated and valued.


We seek to provide exceptional results, promote efficiency, and add value for our clients through business transformation.


Work in harmony with clients to build long term relationships.


Safety first is our priority be it our people, subcontractors, clients, or the public, we do take care of everyone.

Our Partners

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Grando World
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